How to Comment

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1. The URL for CodeNEXT LDC comments is
2. Hover your mouse over the left hand margin of the text you are interested in commenting on and you'll see a little green speech bubble
  • a green bubble with a (+) will appear on paragraphs that don't have comments yet
  • a green bubble with a number will appear for those that do have comments
2. Click on either green bubble and it opens a comment form in the right margin.
4. If someone has already commented on that section of text, their comments will appear at the bottom of this comment form.
4. Make your comment
5. Choose your comment type
6. Click “Add Comment”

Tips on Commenting

  • Offer to help. Help them test ideas, provide constructive feedback, offer to testify at a hearing, brings friends, gather a group to consider the proposal and bounce ideas off of eachother.
  • If you can explain why something doesn’t work, show that and back it up.
  • If you want to raise a question, offer your version of a fix as well. For example, “I don’t understand why you do X, that would mean Y. Wouldn’t it be better if Z?”

AURA’s sample comments

Click on the topics below and look at the comments under “Recommendations” for each topic of the code text. Feel free to use these as your own comments.