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A Multiplex is a small to medium size building that offers between 3 and 12 dwelling units or “apartments.” This housing type is known as the “missing-middle” as it is rare and yet much needed since it is perfectly suited to provide affordable housing options in existing single-family neighborhoods. If properly regulated, multiplexes can combine the environmental and affordability benefits of multifamily housing with the most appealing aspects of single-family housing.


The Problem

This housing type is allowed in only 3 of the 13 Transect Zones. For each of the three, minimum parking and placement requirements, impervious cover limitations, height caps, private open space requirements, and setbacks will make it difficult to build medium multiplexes on lots that are not significantly larger than minimum requirements. This housing type is most appropriately located near traditional single family residential areas, where lots sizes are smaller. Therefore, multiplex developments will be severely limited except in the rare occasion of a large, single lot or the opportunity to combine multiple, standard sized lots. Even still, this type of development will be challenged in achieving unit sizes large enough to accommodate families.


Comment Page #
Increase allowable impervious cover 23-4D-2120 - Pg. 52, 60, 76
Allow multiplex medium building form in T3 districts and allow up to 3 stories 23-4D-2110 - Pg. 40
Increase height to allow up to 4 stories in T4, T5 23-4D-2120 - Pg. 49, 57
Do not require private open space 23-4D-2120 - Pg. 52, 60
Decrease setbacks, especially rear and side 23-4D-2120 - Pg. 49, 57, 73
Decrease parking requirements 23-4D-2120 - Pg. 51, 59, 75
Increase maximum building footprints to allow for multi-bedroom units for families 23-4D-2120 - Pg. 48, 56, 72