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Comment Page/Section

Lot Depth should be reduced to a maximum of 75 feet. If the required lot depth is 100 feet this means that a corner lot that is 95 feet wide and 500 feet deep cannot be further subdivided. This is a complete waste of space in the urban core core

T3NE.WL 23-4D-2080 page 19 pdf 103 23-4D 2080

All the minimum lot depths should be eliminated or reduced to 50 feet. Under the current rules it seems like a 90 foot deep lot cannot have any of the primary building types on it. T3NE.WL 23-4D-2080 Section D page 20 pdf 104

Requiring ADU's to fit in a 28x24 footprint is overly restrictive. Considering that front houses have irregular shapes and other site constraints (trees, floodplain, drainage and other easements). If an ADU is under 1100 sq ft the ADU should be able to not abide by the 28x24 footprint. This would also allow 1 story 1100 sq ft ADU's. T3NE.WL 23-4D-2080 Section D page 20 pdf 104

The side, rear, and front setbacks leave very little room for an ADU on most lots. In particular, the 20’ rear setback is the same for the primary structure and the ADU where alleys do not exist.

The rear setback should be five or ten foot setbacks for the ADU. The code should encourage ADUs by allowing for smaller setbacks when an ADU is built.

T3NE.WL 23-4D-2080 Section E page 21 pdf 105

Requiring parking behind the front facade of the building should be taken out. It will make it difficult to build ADU's and keep this existing house since currently many houses have parking pads in front of the front facade of the building. Most central Austin lots don't have room for rear parking for the front house and a ADU on the back part of the lot. Additionally this will increase impervious cover and hurt affordability by requiring longer driveways.

Requiring lots with an alley to only have parking accessed from the Alley should be taken out. This should remain as an option and not a requirement. This will increase impervious cover and hurt affordability by in many cases requiring longer driveways. In addition this will not be possible in many cases because of trees, floodplain and other site constraints. It will also make ADU's more difficult because the back of the lot is where most ADU's are placed. Additionally by increasing impervious cover it will be difficult to do much on these lots besides have a primary house and a long parking driveway from the back of the lot to the front house.

T3NE.WL 23-4D-2080 Section I page 22 pdf 106