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This is the AURA wiki. It is intended as a repository for knowledge useful to AURA members and people interested in [LandUse] and [TransportationPolicy] in Austin.

Major topics:

  • [AbundantHousing] - Why we need more housing for affordability
  • [MissingMiddle] - Different types of housing
  • [Transit] - Walk-ability, Bike-ability, and Public Transit
  • [Parking]
  • [HousingAndTransit] - How they interact
  • [CodeNEXT] - Land Development Code Rewrite
  • [CityCouncil] - How City Government works
  • [AboutAURA]
  • [UrbanistGlossary]
  • [Demographics] - Facts and figures about the Demographics of Austin

CodeNEXT Issues

  • [ADUs]
  • [Rowhouses]