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LMDR is one of the new Nontransect Zones. Unfortunately, it was mapped over much of the urban core. LMDR is described at 23-4D 3090.


Comment Page/Section
Remove 80' 1-story limitation. Among other things, it would disallow two-story ADUs at the back of the lot and seriously limit the total possible area of an ADU. 23-4D 3090
Remove 15' front setback 23-4D 3090
At very least Clarify that less restrictive of 2300sf and .4 FAR should apply, and/or remove the 2300sf requirement 23-4D 3090
There should be no FAR limits. It is redundant given impervious cover and height limits and there is no policy rationale to care about it. 23-4D 3090