Housing And Transit

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Describe Housing and Transit here.

From Eric’s post: By living near where you work and play, you also have more transportation choices. Walking, biking, and taking the bus is easier, and you don’t force yourself to be stuck in traffic by living further away. Unfortunately, the cost of living near where you want to be is too expensive, and that’s bad. Forcing people to be stuck in traffic by limiting development near downtown isn’t a good status quo. Traffic caused by expensive housing in the urban core is huge social harm, including wasted time, wasted gas, and fatal accidents. Making trips shorter and easier directly alleviates it.


Will more housing add too much parking on my street?

Will more cars parked in the street make it more dangerous for my family to play or walk in the neighborhood?

How will emergency vehicles be able to get to my house?

Will the new development add too much traffic in my neighborhood?

Can our roads even handle more traffic?