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"Downtown Core" (DC) is the new nontransect zone for most of downtown. It is described at 4D-4 pg 29 / 23-4D-4110. The most similar transect zone is T6UC.

The DC Zone accommodates the highest intensity mixed-use commercial and civic uses and serves as the primary center of entertainment, employment, and civic life of the City. The DC Zone is intended to apply to the downtown to ensure it remains the center of Austin. The DC Zone accommodates any combination of office, retail, commercial, and residential uses appropriate within a high intensity activity center.


  • FAR limit of 8.0 sets maximum intensity for downtown with no justification
  • The 40% cap on parking reductions, combined with the parking requirements for CC/DC zoning and the draft zoning map, imply that the current parking exemption for CBD is not carried forward. Downtown is thriving without parking requirements as-is, and by many measures is over-parked with off-street parking. Recently built and currently proposed projects are making decisions based on the market parking demands, and doing just fine without the city mandating anything. We're finally getting to the point where a few large projects are being constructed with zero parking - this is a great thing! Full exemption from parking requirements needs to be allowed for CC and DC zoning, which coordinates well with the T6U and T6UC zones.