Cottage Courts

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A cottage court is a group of small cottages arranged around around a shared courtyard. Cottage Courts are a type of missing middle housing. They improve affordability by allowing people to share the cost of the land. The are a great infill tool for oversized lots.

The Problem

Codenext is too restrictive with this type of housing. Only two types of cottage court configurations are allowed which makes them nearly impossible to build in all but few cases.


Comment Sections/Pages
Allow cottage courts on lots that are less than 100’ wide.
Allow fewer than 6 cottages. Four can function well in cottage court configuration and require smaller lot. 4D-2 pg. 32
The min dimensions prescribe a larger area. so either reduce the min depth or eliminate the min area, or combo of both 4D-2 pg. 32

Removing the restriction that ADUs aren’t allowed for large form houses. If the ADU can fit, it should be allowed. Why create that restriction and block more housing? 4D 2060, pg 10 (pdf 95)
parking location is overly restricted