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Breweries and brewpubs are an important amenity and business in Austin. They generate much sales tax revenue and sought-after by both locals and tourists.

The Problem

A conditional use permit (CUP) is required if brewery/brewpub closer than 540’ from a SFH.

CodeNEXT unnecessarily limits micro-breweries/distilleries/wineries.


Comment PDF page #

Brewpubs (bars) et al should be allowed anywhere that restaurants are allowed without burdensome conditional use restrictions. City law ordinances on noise and nuisance should overrule land use code.
pdf pg 153, 446
Breweries et al should be allowed anywhere light industrial is located.
pdf pg 153
Parking should not be required for bars et al. This is a pedestrian oriented use.
pdf pg  257, 280
Don’t limit tasting area, this is important sales tax revenue and tourist attraction.
pdf pg  446
Additional regulations to breweries et al are unnecessary. Noise and nuisance laws should override.
pdf pg  446