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About AURA


Who are the members of AURA?

AURA includes a wide mix of people from all walks of life who have come together because we want to see a better city with better and more abundant housing, walkability, and transit.

Is AURA a bunch of republican, pro-developer, corporate shills?

No. Most AURA members and board members are not involved in real estate or development industry. Many AURA members became involved in urbanism and AURA out of concern for issues like affordability, walkability, public transit, and environmental sustainability. We have members all over the ideological spectrum.

Is AURA a bunch of white, yuppies who don’t care about poor people?

No. Many AURA members are renters of low or moderate incomes who got involved in urbanism and AURA to fight for inclusive neighborhoods, abundant housing, and emphasizing the needs of renters as much as property owners.